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Features Overview

We are excited to have several new media and music production opportunities. From recorded local artists to a platform for those of you who are considering artistry, we are shouting out to Christian artists to be involved and keep creating. Check out our features! 


Oh, Holy Night

OneWay Studios lent a helping hand with the Daniel and the Sparrows live video project, Oh Holy Night. Front man, Daniel Lim, is the head sound engineer here at the Studios. Click through to see the video or visit their youtube channel, Daniel and the Sparrows

You Reign

As a year-end project, Studios created a year in review video for Prayercast and OneWay ministries. The video is a call to action for believers to pray and remember that it is God who reigns over all events. Click through to watch. 

Caleb Sprinkel

Caleb is here in our studio working on his first ever album. It will be an acoustic set with honest lyrics. Sample coming soon..


OneWay Studios is happy to host our first ever White Space night, a gathering of Christian artists seeking to share their creative gifts with like minded people. Click on White Space to learn more.