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We are excited to have several new media and music productions. From recorded local artists to the ministries of OneWay, we hope to see Christians sharing media that matters. Check out our features! 


Over 130 videos have been created in our Studios to guide you in prayer for Muslims around the world! To join this global prayer movement, visit

Click on the image to watch a testimony video!

Click on the image to watch a testimony video!


A Stance of Humility

“God loves Muslims and we do too.

One of my jobs during the LM project was to record testimonies of Muslim Background Believers in Asia. I would set up a boom mic and have the subject sitting across from me and basically telling me their story while I recorded them on my laptop.

One of the most amazing things I learned during that time was in spite of all the scars and and all of the near death experiences they have had for converting to Christianity, they always went back.They always went back to the people who were persecuting them, who were violent towards them and they always went back with a stance of humility and love.

And so I encourage anybody who is praying alongside us to actually realize that we have much less of a reason to hate or to not care about the muslim world and at the end of the day if they went back to reach their family members, if they went back into a society that was violent toward them, we should too.”